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Savta Connection is a Tel Aviv based gathering of people who wish to add beauty and softness to the city through the use of Urban Knitting.

Living in Tel Aviv for so many years, the city has become an important part of our lives. It makes us happy when it is blossoms with parties, with beautiful people, with life, and it makes us sad to see its buildings falling apart, the dirt on the streets, and the walls peeling off on every corner.

We, the people of Savta Connection, wish to give something back to the city we love, and the way we see it, there is no better way than Urban Knitting.

Urban Knitting is a soft, inoffensive, form of Street Art that finds its inspiration in the old feminine practice of knitting. Like other forms of handcraft, knitting is a great way to create unique, one of a kind pieces of art which present an appealing and heart-warming alternative to our consumerism washed society and city.

Come join the soft revolution of Savta Connection, and help us make the city of Tel Aviv the beautiful people & art friendly city that it can be!
April 21st 2010
Savta Connection was filmed today doing a knit opposite Tel-Aviv city hall, by the talented Einav from a girl with a crappy camera, for her documentary about street knitting around the world. 'twas fun!
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